The quickest way to apply for rental properties, period.

A free rental application + credit report = apartment hunting bliss.

AppSingular changes everything. By sourcing data directly from Experian, we've created AppSingular. It's a platform that combines your credit report with a multi-use rental application - let's call it the tenant application. Share it with one or many landlords at once. No impact, to your credit score, no hefty processing fees, and lifetime access to your data.

How it works

Step 1: Get your Experian Credit Report

Purchase your Experian credit report complete with VantageScore without affecting your credit! View and share your report securely and convienently 24/7. Add a few points abour your rental history and supercharge your rental application.

Gone are the days of dinging your credit score everytime you apply to a property.

Step 2: Touch-up your rental application

AppSingular intelligently creates your rental application so you can quickly make edits and start sharing it with potential property managers. It even includes a few little insights into your current financial state to show what you can afford to put into rent every month.

No more 10-page rental applications with tiny boxes that can't fit your handwriting!

Step 3: Start sharing your application

Apply to multiple properties securely. AppSingular combines your credit and rental application into a tenant application used by landlords and property managers evaluating your credit worthiness to rent a property.

Save time by sharing your application with multiple properties. Get real-time updates on your applications too.