Is AppSingular free to use?

Yes! The tenant application is two-prong: a rental application combined with a credit report. You aren't required to purchase a credit report from us. You can fill out just the rental application and electronically submit it as your rental application to as many landlords and property managers as you'd like. Many landlords will ask for your credit report after you submit a tenant application to confirm your credit worthiness. We suggest that you first purchase your credit report and allow our intelligent system to populate 50% of your rental application for you from the data received back from Experian. All you will need to do is touch-up a few areas of your tenant application after you purchase the credit report.

How can I download your mobile app?

AppSingular is designed to work on all mobile devices across all web browsers. Anything you can do on your desktop within AppSingular, you can also do on your smart phone. We are working quickly to release a native mobile app that you can download from iOS and Google Play. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to bring up AppSingular on your mobile devices!

How much additional is a credit report?

We charge a one-time fee of $20 for you to obtain your credit report data. This data feeds your tenant application and provides landlords with the information necessary to make an on-the-spot leasing decision. You can share your tenant application containing your credit report data with an unlimited number of landlords. Each landlord you decide to share your tenant application with containing your credit report is an additional $5.

What is a credit report?

A credit report is a snapshot of your experience with credit-related accounts. It provides landlords and property manager's with a glimpse into how responsible you have been managing your financial affairs. Aside from some basic personal information, like your name and address to help identify their report, there are three main types of information on your credit report: Public Records, Credit Inquiries, and Accounts.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number based on the information in your tenant's credit report. It is similar to a grade you would have received in school, but instead of right and wrong answers, their credit score is based on positive and negative credit history. Paying bills on time and using credit responsibly builds a positive history while paying bills late and being irresponsible with credit builds a negative history.

How is the score on my AppSingular determined?

Developers of credit scoring models review a selection of consumers - often more than one million. The historical credit profiles of these consumers are examined to identify common variables. The developers then build statistical models by selecting the credit variables most predictive of future behavior and assigning appropriate weights to each variable. The score is influenced by the following factors:
Score Factors

Why does AppSingular use the VantageScore® instead of FICO?

The VantageScore® calculation was developed by the three national credit reporting companies - Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Unlike other scoring systems, it is the most consistent score using only one model with one set of scoring calculations, resulting in scores that are more uniform and consistent – providing landlords with assurance that they can view ONE SCORE and make an on-the-spot leasing decision.

How am I rated with the VantageScore®?

VantageScore® is based on the traditional A, B, C, D and F rating scale. All credit scores are measured in a numeric range - from 501 to 990. When you view your VantageScore®, you are able to easily see and understand where you stand among the American population. The landlord and property manager that you share this information with can also determine how you stack up against the overall American population! This helps them gauge the risk of renting their dwelling to you.
Score Levels

How many landlords and property managers can I share my tenant application with?

Unlimited! Sign up today and begin sharing!

Is my credit data safe with AppSingular?

AppSingular is safe and secure. Because we source data directly from Experian, the FCRA and Experian require stringent security measures to be in place. AppSingular has exceeded these security standards. We are PCI-DSS compliant and SAS 70 Type II Certified. Our data center is located in Houston, TX and has been certified by an independent auditor to be SAS 70 Type II compliant. By devoting substantial time and resources to a SAS 70 audit, we assure you that our data center facilities meet the highest standards in guaranteeing the safety and security of your credit and rental application data. We also continually scan our system for new threats to prevent outside attacks.

What if I accidentally share it with the wrong e-mail address?

Don’t worry. If you accidentally share your tenant application with the e-mail sharing feature to the wrong person, it won't matter. Your tenant application is not displayed in the invitation e-mail sent out from the system. It is simply an invitation to join the AppSingular revolution by signing up for an account on the platform. After the property manager, landlord, or realtor signs up for an account on our platform - everyone must go through a verification process that legitimately verifies the individual as the person they claim to be. Only after which, are they able to make a connection with you on the AppSingular platform and view your credit information.

What if my credit data is wrong? Can I dispute it before sharing with a landlord?

Absolutely! We partner with Experian and follow their credit dispute process. You would visit to begin your online dispute.

How do I know the landlord received my tenant application?

Our intuitive sharing platform notifies you immediately when a landlord or property manager has opened your tenant application.

Can I withdraw my tenant application or hide it from the landlords that no longer need to see it?

You bet! You can withdraw or stop showing your tenant application to a landlord at any time.

What is the process to share my tenant application with a landlord or property manager?

In order to share your tenant application with a landlord or property manager, you must follow our 3-step invitation process. This process allows both parties (tenant and landlord) to confirm they know and trust each other before revealing pertinent information on the tenant application itself. When you successfully complete the necessary "handshakes" with one or more property managers, we create a "link" between you and the landlord where you can share tenant applications and status updates with one another.

Will purchasing the credit report for my tenant application hurt my credit score?

No. AppSingular is the first platform of its kind to provide tenants with a "soft inquiry" that does not impact your credit score and does not appear on your credit report viewed by other people.

How long will the landlord have access to view my tenant application and credit information?

There are two primary components of your tenant application. The rental application information and your associated credit report. The credit report information is intertwined into your tenant application (e.g., VantageScore, Employment History, Open Accounts, etc) and is available for 30 days after purchase. The balance of information in your tenant application that is not pulled directly from your Experian credit profile is available forever. The credit data within the tenant application you share with a landlord is available to them for as long as the days remaining since your last purchase. For example, if you purchased your credit report and score 10 days ago, then you will have 20 days remaining to view the credit data within your own tenant application. If you share your tenant application with a landlord today, then that landlord will be able to view the credit information within the tenant application only for the next 20 days as well.

Do landlords use my tenant application for anything other than making a leasing decision?

Yes. The landlord or property manager can quickly convert your tenant application into a lease application to share with you. Other than that, the credit information you've shared with landlord(s) is no longer available to them if they decline/reject you as a prospective tenant in their dwelling. Additionally, due to FCRA rules and regulations, a landlord that accepts your tenant application is bound by law to only use your tenant application to offer you a lease on their property.